Friday, July 9, 2010

Alexander Spence- All My Life (I Love You)/Land Of The Sun

If you have never heard Skip's solo album, "Oar," (still available from Sundazed) I highly recommend starting there.
Any album by a guy who, after a drug induced axe attack on a friend while on tour, upon being discharged from a mental institution in New York, rode a motorcycle down to a Nashville studio to record a solo album, (and also being the original drummer for Jefferson Airplane, hired because he "looked cool" even though he said he couldn't play drums, and then got kicked out because he wasn't a good enough of drummer, and then being in early Moby Grape) is bound to be "interesting"...then you find that the bonus tracks on the CD get even stranger... (AKA it's really good).
This 7" is all I've been able to find of his since that late 60's solo album.
The first track (from '72...solo in studio) almost sounds like it could be an early Moby Grape outtake. The lyrics, sung by almost anyone else, are moronic...BUT few musicians are quite as sincere as Skip...and his simplicity only amplifies it.
Track two is where it gets interesting to me. I've heard a lot of this guy's stuff from the 60's and one song from the 70's, but for the next thing I hear is a solo track from '96 that he sent to the X-Files people because he heard they were putting a CD together and thought his song would fit their "spooky" theme...he had definitely stayed weird.

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