Thursday, July 1, 2010

Michel Legrand- Le Cinema de Michel Legrand (Nouvelle Vague)

I am a total dork for French New Wave films, and Michel Legrand is probably my favorite of the regular New Wave composers ("Band of Outsiders" is still left off, dammit...if you have it, please share it). I love his other albums from this time period, but even those records have the same kind of cinematic energy and seem to be crying out to be used in films.
The tracks from Godard's, "A Woman Is A Woman," each begin with commentary from Godard make me wish I knew French...
The only other movie on here I've seen is Agnes Varda's "Cleo from 5 to 7," (great music, great great movie) but all of the other music still has the Legrand charm, even without having seen the movies. Need to find the ones in print in the US on Netflix? Probably, yes. Please re-release "Lola," dammit.

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