Friday, July 9, 2010

The Mummies- Runnin' On Empty Volumes One & Two

Where to start on the Mummies...the first time I ever heard them was at a house I used to hang out in, when I was 18, that belonged to 3 gutter punks, a really creepy guy, and a crackhead, where I had to hide my beer in the windowsill, between the closed glass and the screen, to ensure that I would be the one to drink somehow fits...
These two LP's were compiled posthumously (they "existed" from late 80's-early/mid 90's) in an attempt to cash in (if you ever see the records be sure to read the liner notes, even if you find them hard to believe, they are really entertaining) but are no less loose, drunken full throttle junk rock, or as they put it, "Budget Rock," all for a good time, money and/or beer if possible, belo-fi mayhem. Like hearing the rotting corpse of rock n' roll out for one last go.
There is a sense of humor in every last thing they do. The Devo covers are a nice touch too (branching out further than their Dwarves and Thee Mighty Caesars covers).
And, go figure, you should play these albums fucking LOUD.
To quote the liner notes: As we close this "electrifying" anthology; keep in mind that for a cut rate outfit which bore closer semblance to a vaudevillian act than that of a legitimate rock group, "The Mummies were proof that you CAN eat shit and live."

Volume One

Volume Two

ignore everything I've said, just watch

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