Saturday, June 26, 2010

the Suicide Commandos Make a Record

The Suicide Commandos were the premier Minneapolis punk rock group (lasted 1975-1979). This was their one and only album, recorded and released in 1978 and for some reason (being from MN?) didn't make much a splash.
Thankfully they fit the punk rock cliche of no song over 3 minutes but (also thankfully) avoid being too political, macho/ meatheaded, uptight, or serious (they do a great cover of "She," by the Monkees)...more about the energy and attitude.

and the video of the song about the reaction to the city burning down their house/ practice space.

and backing David Thomas in 2009, playing all early Pere Ubu in benefit for the Bush Tetras' bassist.


  1. Can't believe I'd never heard of these guys. This record is absolutely amazing.

  2. Glad you like it, dude. I've had a copy for ages, somehow forgot about it for years...

  3. thanks for the head's up...I need to look into that...