Monday, June 14, 2010

78 RPM Explosion!

Nothing can quite deliver me from modern day bullshit like listening to some scratchy old 78s. When I first recorded these from an old Elementary School console turntable it only recorded on one channel. So i loaded them into Garage Band and made them mono and altered levels. BUT the files are fucking HUGE [had to break the 22 track comp...78s cannot hold more than 3 minutes per side (perfect)...into 4 files]. Just to warn you...

One of the few consistent 78 "Record Albums" I've ever come across...8 tracks of mind clearing woozy accordion balladry. Not sure if the track listing is accurate because my 78 turntable is busted. Should be close enough, though.

Here is a compilation of some of my favorites from the 78s I've come across so far. A few are very well known but if anyone wants to complain about hearing familiar, well known, songs I suggest they take a minute to think why they're complaining. About hearing Chuck Berry? Or Moonlight Serenade? Fuck that...don't want to appeal to pretentious assholes anyway...I'll just end the rant....uh, tracklist!

1) Glahe Musette Orchestra- Hot Pretzels
2) The Davis Sisters- You Weren't Ashamed To Kiss Me Last Night
3) Gene Austin- To-Night You Belong To Me (also known from "The Jerk")
4) Vincent Lopez and his Hotel Pennsylvania Orchestra- Southern Rose
5) Nappy LaMare's Louisiana Levee Loungers- High Society
6) The Ink Spots- Do I Worry?
7) Bing Crosby with Dick McIntire and his Harmony Hawaiians- Hawaiian Paradise (I normally HATE Bing Crosby...but I have a soft spot for Hawaiian songs)
8) Champ Butler- Way Up In North Carolina (home-state pride!)
9) Frank Kamplain- Sleep Baby Sleep
10) Georgie's Tavern Band- Give Me A Girl And A Waltz (And A Barrel Of Beer, Beer, Beer)
11) Glahe Musette Orchestra- Beer Barrel Polka
12) Webb Pierce- Slowly
13) Billy Jones and Ernest Hare- Paddlin' Madelin' Home
14) Vincent Lopez and his Hotel Pennsylvania Orchestra- All Alone (another great version on "Player Piano Roll Favorites" a few posts down)
15) Pablo Casals- Traumerei (Reverie)
16) Yerkes Jazzarimba Orchestra- My Mammy
17) Jan Gerber and his Orchestra- Sleepy Lagoon
18) Crescent Trio- I'll Be In My Old Dixie Home Again To-Morrow
19) Frank Crumit (?...label was really faded, can't make it out)- True Blue Sam (The Traveling Man)
20) Chuck Berry- Maybellene
21) Vaughn Monroe and his Orchestra- That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day)
22) Glenn Miller and his Orchestra- Moonlight Serenade

pt. 1
pt. 2
pt. 3
pt. 4


  1. do you have ethnic 78 rpms of balkan music(Albanian,Greek,Serbian)?

  2. I wish I did...closest thing I've got is a CD of Rebetica from 1911-1937.

  3. wowee...what a lot of work! neat, and thanks

  4. yup, it was a royal pain in the ass…but my 78 player broke years ago…so at least i can still hear 'em!