Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Devo- He/She/Or/It's/Devo

I was lucky enough to find this bootleg LP in the $1 bin of a used record store owned by a guy who knew absolutely nothing about music other than Elvis, Buddy Holly, and the Beatles [also found originals of the 2 Joy Division LP's, Boys Next Door (AKA "Hee Haw" by the Birthday Party), and several Gun Club LPs for $3 each...unfortunately this store is long out of business].
It is from a show at Max's Kansas City, September, 1977. Not surprisingly, the sound quality is not the best (it's pretty dang quiet and the sound drops out a little bit in "Uncontrollable Urge" and "Mr. D.N.A.") but that is really not that important. What matters here is the quality of the performance, which is definitely top notch (especially "Smart Patrol-Mr. D.N.A.). There is no denying Devo's greatness at this period of their career and this is a great find for enthusiasts.

WARNING: I didn't separate the tracks on each side of the record. Live records are best heard like the show; from start to finish. Sorry to force you into my preferences, but oh well.


  1. Thanks! An old friend of mine had this LP. Haven't heard it in about 10 years. I agree with you about not separating the tracks. I tend to listen to my music from start to finish. Thanks again!

  2. this blog is on point. we ;like your collection

  3. please re-up! thank you!