Sunday, June 6, 2010

Random Summer Saturday Beer n' 7" Bo-nanza!

1) The Fall- Look, Know
2) The Fall- I'm Into C.B.
An incredible single from The Fall's output on the Kamera label, possibly their strongest period. Again, I'm more drawn to the B-Side, at no fault of the A-Side.

3) Teengenerate- Out Of Sight
4) Teengenerate- Pushin Me Around
Maybe not their strongest release, but still good.

5) ? & the Mysterians- I Need Somebody
6) ? & the Mysterians- 8 Teen
Great Latino Stomp n' Pomp pre-punk.

7) Blue Cheer- Summertime Blues
8) Blue Cheer- Out Of Focus
Why not follow that up with some classic Stoner Rock?

9) George Jones- Ya Ba Da Ba Do! (So Are You)
Is there any going wrong with a song about getting drunk by yourself from an Elvis shaped whiskey bottle, poured into a Fred Flintstone jar, and the resulting conversation with Elvis and Fred? Hell no!
(The same song is on both sides of the record)

10) Country Teasers- Anytime, Cowboy
11) Country Teasers- No. 1 Man

Taken from the cassette that got them a deal with Crypt (was tacked onto the "Pastoral, Not Rustic..." CD...I think it stands better on its own than as bonus tracks) and possibly more lo-fi than the Alan Country Davidson tapes from the same time. Time for another beer?

12) The Dukes Of Dixieland- Quand Mo T'est Petite (When I Was a Child)
Why do all 4 tracks when all those better bands only get 2? The rest of the E.P. is good, but this track by far stands out as the best.

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