Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thinking Fellers Union Local 282- Live at Lounge Ax 01/14/00

I have a pretty good idea why but still have no idea why this band is still so unknown.  Way better than almost every band that got decent attention in the 90's.  
TFUL 282, whenever you do more shows, c'mon down to NC why not?

Elgin Miller
You in a Movie
Waited Too Long
Holy Ghost
Million Dollars
The Operation
Four O'Clocker 2
More Glee

and here's an entire live show from '94


  1. Don't know when there may be any new shows but there are a plenty of videos of these folks on You tube, including the ATOP shows they played last September, please check them out if you can. Glad you like the Fellers !! I will pass this on to them.

  2. and by the way check out the Iowa City Iowa videos from the 1980's as well on you tube, especially such bands as Stiff Legged Sheep, Horny Genius and the Total Fools. Why you ask? Because that is where the Fellers initially started their musical venture.....good stuff!

  3. Thanks! Have watched tons on Youtube, but don't know any of the other early groups....can't get enough Fellers!