Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Anton Karas- Vienna, City of Dreams

Some of you may know Anton Karas from his intoxicating score to Carol Reed's, "The Third Man" (a re-recording of the theme is featured here).  If you know that then you'll have a good idea of what to expect here, and while the tracks featuring more instrumentation are very good, I've gotta say I prefer the solo zither tracks.  I've never been to an Austrian Wine Garden, but outdoors, wine, and music like this seems like a perfect combination.  I love music that makes drinkers feel classy, plus the zither is just a really cool sounding instrument, and Karas is an incredible performer.



  1. Thanks for sharing this zither LP.

  2. Karas is brilliant and fun! Thanks for sharing.

  3. tracks
    15. Wien Bleibt Wien [#]
    16. Wienerwald, Wienerwald [#]
    not included

  4. There are only 14 tracks on the LP...

  5. no download links for 16-track version ?

  6. The LP I burned this off of still only has 14 tracks...feel free to search for the rest yourself.