Friday, July 20, 2012

Coming Soon: Uuhngreh Schpuggenuh Records

Been thinking about it for a while, but I'm throwing caution to the wind and starting a small label.

I have 2 releases coming up:
1) Kaleidoscope Death- Normal Time (lathe cut 7")
2) Periscope Breath- Turdle-Head Blues (30 min. cassette)

There is a bandcamp page in the works, but not up and running yet.

So far it's only my own music, but hopefully that will change soon.  I will gladly listen to demos etc., but no digital copies, please.  E-mail me at gboronoise at yahoo dot com for mailing address for your tape, CD, or record.  Hopefully I'll get enough to pull off a comp. soon, hint hint...


News n' such:


  1. Hey ,cool man! I started a cassette mail order label in the late 80's that ran thru till the mid 90's .Now it's all up on my blog ,but I do have a webstore for new releases ,and I just did my first 7" single a few months back ,and am in the process of doing my first LP! I'm thinking we can cross-breed ,maybe ,and do a split label release,kinda introduce different sounds into each others scenes,so to speak? here's a link to my latest podcast on this past friday night.This is the music I speak of. thanks.

  2. Very cool! I do hope to do vinyl, eventually. Downloading the podcast now