Monday, June 20, 2011

Nino Rota- Juliet Of The Spirits

Yet another top notch Rota/Fellini score. A great movie with great music that fits it to a T. Some kind of classical/psychedelic circus parade.
I just recently read "I Fellini," and my only complaint was how little it said about Nino Rota, but if I need to review, I can just listen to a bunch of Rota records and watch a lot of Fellini. No problems there.
Just leave it up to your imagination.


  1. Hey, CWCII,
    Fine work here, and we in the rest of the world are VERY LUCKY that you and MediaFire are still hot, and links are cookin'.
    This soundtrack is one of my favorites too, and the movie is very amazing, a must see for folks who belive in Fellini Mondo. A very good film for Julietta Masina.
    AND TRUE, Fellini is not very giving to the great ROTA. Rota himself was a very productive classical composer, and in so many ways, this soundtrack is like Modern Baroque as much as Modern Festival, and perhaps Modern Comedia del Arte music too. It reminds me of the Italian version of Prokofiev, such as Lt. Kije Suite, Peter and the Wolf kinda stuff. (Lt. Kije was a film score too, actually)
    Adventurous, joyous and intellectual all at once.
    Thanks for all your fine writing, this the a good example of what a blog is, that is, a book of taste with all the exanmples in place. OK, a college course too, without the expense and so much more fun.

    Stay happy and keep your hungry ears and hungry i



    PS: How cool to actually have a theremin. Is there a modern Clara?
    FYI: Theremin in surf music...


  2. thanks a bunch! i've got a theremin, a lotta fun to mess around with very hard to play actual music...

  3. Ooh could you possibly re-upload this??