Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Throbbing Gristle- Mission Of Dead Souls: The Last Live Performance Of TG

More like their first last show in Golden Gate Park, May 29, 1981.
Another great live TG recording, even if you can hear some audience members chatting at times.
Seems to have been mastered a bit quietly, turned it up as loud as I could.
Once again I didn't separate the tracks on each side. There's usually improv. bleed-through between tracks, but it also adds to the live TG onslaught.



  1. hey that looks like one of the discs from the 5 lp boxset! if it is, would be interested in posting the second annual report from that boxset? it has a neat backwards thing going on that isn't on any other version! thanks if you do it or not....great blog

  2. thanks! Unfortunately I don't have the box set (got this 2nd hand), sounds cool, though

  3. shit......it's nowhere on the www!