Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jean Ferrat- S/T

I first came across Jean Ferrat in Jean Luc Godard's, "Vivre Sa Vie" (see the clip below). In trying to find this song ("Ma Mome"), and any others from the early 60's, I could only find 80's re-recordings that I was not too fond of.
The record is a little worn, but I really couldn't care less about audiophiles (shouldn't it be the music you're worried about?). It is also an exception to most foreign language pop music I'm into (I usually assume the lyrics are bad and am thankful I can't understand them). After seeing the lyrics to "Ma Mome" in the subtitles it made me curious about the rest. I'm usually not too into love songs (therefore happy for the language barrier), but one that proletariat, however cheesy, is bound to prick my interest in the rest...
Overall, a very enjoyable, easy going record.


and that's Ferrat at the jukebox

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  1. Great post! Would you consider reposting the album? Looks like the mediafire link is down.