Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Raydios- Original Demo Recordings

I don't know how I forgot about this record. Maybe the blank spine? Shit.
You, like me, where probably very bummed when Teengenerate broke up. I first heard of this record in a review and that the band (Fink and Sammy from Teengenerate with Yoda on drums) wasn't pleased with it. A few days later I saw it at a record store (when there still was one in Greensboro) and seeing the hefty import price of $15 (new records were more like $8 then, and I was 19 with no money) made me hesitate. So when I got home I brought out some Teengenerate that hadn't seen the light of day in quite some time and the next day I went back and forked over the $15 I thankfully had.
I still have no idea what the band was dissatisfied with. It's not as lo-fi as Teengenerate (but it's still lo-fi) and the pace isn't as frantic but that only makes it sound that much more like first wave Punk ROCK. If you were one of three Japanese guys whose favorite records were the first by the Ramones, the Saints, the Dead Boys, and Pagans (7") this would be your band. Turn this up LOUD and tell me otherwise. No frills, thankfully. Under 30 minutes and everything. The sleeve art also fits.
Only the cover song ("Kidnapped" by the Rubber City Rebels) breaks the momentum a bit. What can I's just not up to par with the rest of the album. Plus it's the only song over three minutes on the whole thing, go figure.
Goddammit this record is good, and with a song called "Fartful Eyes" how can you go wrong?.


  1. Thanks for this! I had the vinyl many years ago.

  2. it's weird how they kind of slipped through the cracks...haven't been able to find their album "Now" anywhere

  3. thanks. I had the album too but had a few skips. this is much better.
    I know Im a bit late on this (like one year) but let me know if you are still looking for "Now".

  4. I found it since then, but thanks. Gotta say I like this one much more than "Now," rougher and rawer.

  5. Me too - had no energy- I barely listen to it, while this is on constant rotation.. Funny how the the same thing happened to the second firestarter album to a lesser degree...
    Well, saw them both live last year and can confirm they still fully rock.
    Anyway, thanks again.

  6. Yeah, I just deleted it and listen to this. Would love to see 'em live. I missed Teengenerate live ('96?), still bums me out thinking about it. At least Guitar Wolf still comes through NC.