Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Uuhng Schpugg Oldies Radio: Wrong Speed Edition

Yet another dumb idea to share.
One night while less than sober I put a 45 on 33 rpm and was too lazy to get up and change it. In my mind at the time, making a whole tape this way seemed like a great idea, even though I didn't have the 45 adapter thing and with intoxicated accuracy, a lot of the songs, to my amusement, came out incredibly wobbly (warning: could make you barf if you're too drunk). All this seemed funny at the time, and at least a year has passed since then, and it is still amusing now, but would probably just be annoying if you're sober. I do find myself getting oddly adapted to slow motion living.
This could be the soundtrack for a pathetically drunken/stoner attempt at a party, by yourself or with others, where dancing is encouraged...should at least be funny to who ever's there.
I'm full of stupid shit like this...
Waging war on people who take themselves seriously...
Many of these songs have been posted on this blog before, but at the correct speed and non-wobbly.



  1. this is WWWAAAAAAYYYYY better than....something else

  2. can you fix the link to this or send it to me. i believe a friend showed it to me a long time ago and i think of it often. onwardhsf@gmail.com

    1. Link has been fixed!!!

      FYI: I have a self-imposed policy not to re-up dead links because people should financially support musicians, but since this mess is in no way commercial, or available anywhere else, here you go!