Sunday, December 12, 2010

Summer Camp Casanova- Little Pieces Of Big Things

It takes time to be able to listen to your friend(')s(') music before you can listen to it without thinking that you know anyone in the band personally and still really get into the music. Either way, this is some good shit.
Erik, who previously recorded solo for Summer Camp Casanova, enlisted friends into a band to play live but also record this CD. With Michael [Secret Message Machine (two albums posted on this blog)], Andrew (Blank_Blank, etc.), and Lee (Casual Curious) Summer Camp Casanova ignited, or was at least a flash in the pan, as short attention spans tend to render things. It's brainy but simplifies it, and usually just rocks it out in lo-fi slacker form with inside jokes that can never allow you (me) to forget that these were your (my) friends.

And one of Erik's tasty Common Sense beers, a French Blonde complete with spooie foam nipple...

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