Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DOO WACKA DOO- The Happy Wacky Sounds of The Doowackadoodlers

This is a record you really can judge by the cover. It sounds exactly like I expected, which I have absolutely no problem with.

"Make no mistake about this music-we call it 'doo wacka doo' in this album. It's not out to kid anybody or anything: it's not really satirical or parody music. It's a kind of early jazz with a down-home inflection, corn-if I have to use the word-with a Dixie influence. It's full of high spirits and humor. And it really swings with a good beat-a square dance type of country music beat. You will hear slap-tonguing by the reeds in it, ricky-ticky musical phrasing and doo wacka doo sounds by the trumpets. It takes darn good musicians to play this music!" -Marty Gold: Arranger and Conductor and ex-member of the old Korn Kobblers Band.

I must say I like the instrumentals better than the vocal tracks.


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