Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Teengenerate- Audio Recording

Recorded in Seattle during the height of the Grunge boom ('93), and featuring their original drummer, Suck, this album shows a band finding their grounding and refining their sound. Don't get me wrong, like all Teengenerate releases this is great full throttle punk rock n' roll. 6 of the 11 tracks are covers, but the promise that is realized on "Savage" and "Get Action" (both on this blog) is evident here.

1) Wild Weekend (the Zeros)
2) Shake a Tail Feather (Andre Williams)
3) I Don't Mind
4) She's a Dumb
5) Don't Come Close to Me
6) Midnight To Six Man (the Pretty Things)
7) Baby Doll (Chuck Berry)
8) White Talk
9) The American Blues
10) Dirty Robber (the Wailers)
11) Burn My Eye (Radio Birdman)

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