Tuesday, August 3, 2010

3 7"s from the Mummies

I was lucky enough to get all three of these for free many years ago working in a record store. I came in and my co-worker said there were some free records. He didn't know what they were, wouldn't take them, but the guy left them there anyway...3 Mummies 7"s, a Germs CD (to back up my worn out cassette), and some Rip Off Records 7"s. Lucky me.
Needless to say, free Mummies 7"s are not going to be in the best condition (you will hear a few pops and there is one skip). I guess fans treat the records with the same delicacy as the Mummies treat their songs...

The Mummies had the best liner notes of anyone. Click on the picture of the back cover to read.
No song over 2 minutes...no need for more.


"Food, Sickles, and Girls" deserves a place on the same high alter shared by "Louie, Louie" and "Wooly Bully" as one of the most fun inducing rock n' roll A-Sides ever.
The back record picture is blurry. If it's illegible it tells you, in detail, how to steal it from the record store.


Early stuff...funny stuff. Timelessly funny cover, certificate, performance, level of stupidity...the "Runnin' On Empty" (both volumes a few posts down) liner notes were right, they were more like a Vaudeville act.