Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Rebel- A Sampling of Recent LP's

It's been barely over a year since I've obtained these 3 LP's, all of which are still available from Junior Aspirin Records (and this being the reason for not posting entire LP's...a musician as great as Ben deserves far more royalties, you like to help him out, right? and any label putting out this many Rebel LP's deserves to be supported as well, dammit).
Like most of Wallers' output, each LP is a change of pace from the last, but none ever lose any Wallerness, thankfully. The first listen or two always confuses me, then it hits me just how fucking good it is...then gets better.
In order of release:
-"Mouthwatering Claustrophobic Changes!"- Mostly electronic and some more instrumental but believe me it works best as whole. Maybe these are reasons this record was so overlooked.
included here: 1) War, Politics 2) TNK 4 (a take on a song by a more famous group)
-"The Incredible Hulk"- Described by Ben as "a deliberate fuck-all-of-y'all," I still feel that I am one of the few who loves this record. No, it's not the best thing he's ever done, but so what? It's fucking funny, has great songs and a long drawn out joke, which seems to be what annoys most people (not me, though...I have a bastardly sense of humor). Two tracks also appeared on the "Aiming Low" E.P. More musicians need the guts to fuck with their audience like this. And why are Wallers fans complaining about that? Hasn't he done that all along? Country Teasers lyrics? Music?
included here: 1) Cherish 2) On My Own
-"The Race Against Time Hots Up"- Wallers wanted to follow 'Hulk' "with a crowd-pleasing, melody-centric, live drums trad songs classic." This album is still growing on me like crazy...had the most trouble narrowing it down to 2 tracks for this one, not that it was exactly easy to do so on the others.
Left off the Gillian Welch and Sade covers...great originals: one against collaboration and another based on "1984."
included here: 1) Colaboration 2) To the Future or to the Past: Greetings!
BUY THIS, AND THE OTHER TWO> it's very worth your while.


  1. I understand the rationale and why you might decline but have to ask. Can you please post the remainder of "The Race Against Time Hots Up". Plan to purchase it in time but strapped at the moment. No-one quietens the voices in my head quite like Ben Wallers.

  2. you couldn't be more correct and i would love to because everyone should have access to such great music, but Wallers is one of the artists i have the most respect for, a bit too much to post anything of his that is still available for sale.
    maybe someone less anal will post it soon?

  3. sooner or later for sure.

    though not agreeing with u being anal, maybe just appreciative, & i'm sure i agree the man deserves more tribute (both $ & recognition) for his craft.

    i hope it's picked up by more distros stateside - too much to hope for in the antipodes, and too much in postage from the UK.

    i'd prob. do the same in your shoes, + the anticipation will enhance the eventual purchase, gotta say though, i'm still in the dark on the 10 min!!! 'joke' on hulk, what's that ABOUT?, 2 min ok, but... i'm sure i'm missing something... it just seems an abominable waste of wax, i'd desperately prefer more of his own compositions. hopefully it will click sometime soon.

    + you 'hit the nail on..' re growing with repeat listening, his music grows exponentially with repetition like nothing else, hooks and nuances hidden under aggravation and dissonance in droves. i reckon i DON"T want others to discover him, he's like hidden treasure, everyone else can have the teasers, i'll 'ave the rebel.

  4. i agree that i'd rather have had 2 or 3 originals than "A Forest," but it's just so bastardly...i can almost picture him giggling at all the violent response (that adds to the humor for me...and i also find joy in annoying people).
    but i don't know if there's any disto. here (i live in a town with 6 colleges but no record stores) but i can suck it up because there really aren't (m)any other bands around today that i go so bananas for.
    The Rebel seems like a more difficult pill to swallow than Country Teasers (for other people, that is...i love it all), so you may have your always puzzles me how few people get it. if they don't become obsessed they've obviously missed something.

  5. The Race Against Time Hots Up is not out yet, we have sold a few pre-release copies and are sending promos to radio etc... It's out properly in 3 weeks from now. Please buy the vinyl, it sounds and looks better anyway, best J.A.R.

  6. Ah that's why it's not on the site. It's been a while i was so happy with a new record. The race against time is indeed a grow-album. Although it's quite poppy (at least to me it is). After 3 spins i was totally hooked, especially the Orwell song and These things shall pass and Collaboration and,,.. .and...and. Buy it

  7. JA is right vinyl sounds much better than this, no contest! and these, once again, are 3 FANTASTIC ALBUMS BY A GREAT ARTIST!
    also, i must add i intentionally left some really great stuff off, so now you'll have to buy the records to find out (a favor to yourself, really).
    "Tyme" is one of the best songs done by ANYONE in recent years.