Saturday, November 6, 2010

Secret Message Machine- Capitalist Bastards Communist Fools

Secret Message Machine's 1st full length is one of those albums that seems a bit too strong to be a debut. Michael (Barrett: AKA SMM) seems to have reservations about it now, but at least he'll admit there are several songs he still likes. Any artist worth a damn is their own worst critic.
From start to finish CBCF delivers one direct lo-fi gem after another. Recorded during the G.W. Bush administration, political and war protest songs pop up here, but they all avoid getting TOO political and none are the least bit preachy...quite a fantastic rarity. As always nothing is overdone, for example: pop, anger, song length, folky leanings, etc. It's all just right.
You could say there are similarities to Guided By Voices, Neutral Milk Hotel, and other crunchy indie rock bands, but SMM has a voice all its own.

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