Saturday, November 6, 2010

Michael Morley- The Pavilion Of Fools

There is no information at all on the CD jacket, says the label is: Gallerie Dessford Vogel.
It comes across like an instrumental Gate album with lo-fi minimal electronics, de-tuned guitar and some samples. Great harsh ambience.


  1. Would you happen to have Michael Morley/Gate stuff like My Dear Sweet Reluctant Sweetheart and Lavenderhead? I've been missing them tracks forever now. I too came into contact with the Dead C with Trapdoor. Keep up yr nice blog.

  2. Unfortunately I don't. I've posted almost all the Gate I have (except the newest, "A Republic of Sadness," which I must admit I'm not very fond of-Gate being dance-y? More or less accessible? It's just not right to me).
    If you do find them, or have links to others, I'd love to know where to get more Gate.

  3. was released as part of a m.morley art thijng?? the maps on the front are the great satans missile bases....i can't find my copy right now..but i'm pretty sure the tracks don't have titles as such.

  4. No track titles, no info other than a P.O. Box address...and that's a lotta missile bases, the home state and NC really in that much danger?