Monday, October 11, 2010

Lee Hazlewood- Trouble is a Lonesome Town

One of my favorites for so many reasons.
Lee's solo debut begins to show the promise shown by his writing and production for Duane Eddy. The songs are a little more stripped down than what would follow and every song is prefaced by a story of a town called Trouble. As always, Hazlewood delivers deceptively simple, oh so cheesy, subtly brainy, reverby baritone, fun to sing along to goodness.
If you aren't won over on the first listen, just give him some time to creep under your skin. He'll never leave.
More Hazlewood posts coming soon...

where I dowloaded this, for some reason "Son Of A Gun" was not included. I have included that song, from my mono LP.

if you want to hear the mono LP in its entirety:

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  1. Thank you much for the Lee Hazlewood stuff! I am kind of addicted to Lee lately. Can't get enough of him and things related to him.
    Wordeful blog, by the way"
    Best wishes,