Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Rebel- Aiming Low

This all too limited E.P. was released in 2009 as an appetizer for Ben latest album, "The Incredible Hulk" (available from Junior Aspirin Records).
One thing I love about all of Ben's records is that each one confuses me for the first few listens. They're never what you expect. "Aiming Low" is no exception. The music is much murkier than normal plus there are far more layers of vocals (on the two tracks that have them) than we're used to. It's almost psychedelic, as least as far as the Rebel goes. However, instead of sunshine, elves, and kaleidoscopic freak-outs you get stoner self loathing, confusion, and Nazis. Negative misanthropic psychedelia? YES!
"Aiming Low, Getting High" (winner of the best song title in a long ass time award) and "Riding in the Sun" are top notch Rebel. "The Pot" and "Back Out Yellow Boy" are electronic experiments that come across as villainous themes from deranged 80's video games. I know a lot of Country Teasers fans aren't into tracks like this, and they're normally not my cup of tea either. However, the more i listen to them the more they grow on me. So be patient and open minded...you know the rebel is just gonna do whatever the hell he wants to do.

1) Aiming Low, Getting High
2) The Pot
3) Back Out Yellow Boy
4) Riding In The Sun


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