Friday, May 18, 2012

A Pheromoans Sampler

This is the best young/contemporary band out there.  Ramshackle post-punk with a sense of humor greatness.
So here's a collection of songs from various albums and EPs.  The process of making a zip file created the order of the tracks, but it doesn't matter what order their songs are in...they're all really fucking good on their own.  Listen repeatedly for your own good, and most importantly buy their records.  Money spent in support of a band this great and the wonderful folks who run the labels that put these records out is money you should be spending.  How the fuck do you think bands are able to make more records?
These guys have put out a lot of stuff in a handful of years and I sure hope they'll continue...


  1. I am LOVIN' your blog. (Yes, that is an apostrophe N.) Awesome to find someone with so many similarities to my tastes. I've only begun to delve, downloading in your 2010 archives still, but wanted to share this link with you. I LOVE THIS SHIT -

    thanks from Canada!