Thursday, January 19, 2012

Three Albums by Arthur Lyman

Albums: Hawaiian Sunset, Isle of Enchantment, and Taboo (CD copy, my vinyl skips a bit).

I think Arthur Lyman gets a bit overlooked in the world of Exotica, even if he had hits in the Top 10 in the past, Martin Denny and Les Baxter seem to get all the credit, not to say that they don't deserve it.
Lyman was the vibraphone player in Martin Denny's group for the first couple of albums, and in my opinion, Denny's music lost some of its exoticness when Lyman left and took those subdued moody vibes to his new group. There's something more primitive (intended as a compliment) about this group, it was only a 4 piece, but it's more than that. Their approach seems more artistic and slightly less for the tourists (both Denny and Lyman did tons of performing at Hawaiian hotels).
Another thing that gives these records an odd feel is that all Lyman's records were recorded in the Aluminum Dome at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel.
3 dreamily exotic LPs, and at least you downloaders don't have to break the mood to get up and flip the record...

All 3 albums in one file:

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  1. Thanks a bunch! Arthur Lyman is so good...