Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nino Rota- I Clowns

All the tracks on the record blur together, so I just did each side on its own track. This is mostly more circusy versions of songs from "Juliet of the Spirits" and "8 1/2" with Italian and French clown dialogue, a few other tunes, and nicely rounded off with "Ebb Tide," a very fun record.
Yet another in the series of wonderful Nino Rota Fellini scores.
Seems like this made for TV movie is looked over way too much, Fellini fans who only like a few of his films really confuse me.
From the liner notes:
"It is all intricate and tragic and superbly simple-minded. As if to say: the clown is not dead and cannot die, but perhaps the world that cherished the clown is dead, the world of those who saw the clown in themselves. And that- the feeling that most people, so serious now, have forgotten that we are all partly clowns- is sad indeed."

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  1. My father owned this record and as a girl I would sit and look at the album artwork of his record collection for ages. I loved the scatch-pause-scratch-pause when a record ended and the sound of the next record being dropped on the spindle. I loved the feel and the smell of them. I am forever guilty of selling this collection far too cheaply to pay my passage to Alaska when I was too young and nearsighted to know the error of my youthful ways. His collection is a fond memory of mine. I loved the cover art almost more than the music contained within the sleeve. I'm am a visual artist now. This album was one of my favorites. The backside is pretty wonderful too. Thanks for sharing it!