Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jo Ann Castle and Crazy Otto- One Album Each

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Found both of these records at Goodwill the other day, and it's not too surprising that they both came from the same person's collection (the name Dupuis is written on both covers). Two great ragtime/honky tonk piano albums, each in their own way.
Jo Ann Castle- 12 Great Hits in Ragtime
I recognized the name Jo Ann Castle from "Incredibly Strange Music Vol. 1," even though she was playing accordion on that, the lightning pace, lightness, and accuracy of her frantic playing remains. Its only weakness is the one song that adds overly wholesome vocals...would've been much better as an instrumental.
Crazy Otto- Golden Award Songs
Crazy Otto (classical pianist Fritz Schulz-Reichel) takes a much looser approach, using a de-tuned piano he calls his "Tipsy Wire Box." He also occasionally sings along, non-verbally, in a drunken Germanic slur sounding like it was picked up by the piano mic, to fantastic effect. Check out liner notes above. Great record.

both albums in one file:


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