Friday, April 22, 2011

Secret Message Machine- Orphanville (LP)

Orphanville is more pop driven than previous Secret Message Machine albums, well, unpredictable beat driven noise-ish pop. Lo-fi Hi-fi. It's original, obscure yet oddly accessible, but light and rhythmic. Give it a few listens, it gets under your skin before you know it.
One thing I find interesting in the LP is that the noise comes up, but the vocals seem a bit quiet at times, compared to the CD, which you can download at if you want to compare, and/or you could buy one of the remaining 100 vinyl copies.
Play this fucker LOUD.
Why post a CD recording of the vinyl instead of the actual CD? Hopefully someday people will be trying to hunt this vinyl down, and this will show them some of what they're missing. Suckers.


  1. wow. just stumbled across this blog mate. gotta say it is pretty brilliant. and this is a brilliant find. never hear of them before. they sound great mate. thanks for the blog, keep it coming.

  2. Thanks!
    This is by a friend of mine...he has much more at, and there's more posted on this here blog. He's got a new one coming out soon (and what I've heard from it is really really good).
    Glad you like the rest, too!